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take the keys to my heart....and drive me crazy

5 minute update:
*i work a lot and when i say a lot i mean like at least 50 hours a week
*i cut my hair all off like for real it doesnt even all fit into a pony tail
*i miss jessica burke more than anything
*i have no idea what im doin with my life in the fall
*running is something i need to start doin again for more reasons than one
*i think i might go vegetarian
*i'm gonna donate blood despite the law because it makes me feel good to help others
*little things keep me going like visits from miss holbrook at work and phone calls from the people i miss the most
*i want to go shoppin more than you could ever know but theres no point because the only thing i wear these days are work uniforms and pjs
*my dad is my best friend again but i still pissed off at him despite what he thinks - i just dont understand how hard it is to cosign a loan
*free concert in august is something im lookin forward to <3
*i have yet to go to the beach
*i'm painting my room no matter what dean fuller says
*minimum wage is prob the worst thing ever and is not enough pay for the amount of crap i take from people
*prozac nation and match point are my two favorite movies of the summer
*im cant july 22nd bc i get to see meghan feels :)

thats it
<3 jenny
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