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Now tell me who have you been dreaming of...

Summer is coming to an end very quickly. In less than a month i'll be back with all of my best friends :), going to classes (yeah actually going this semester), working, and probably having more fun in one week than i did all summer. Its gonna be hard and fun all at the same time. Bills to pay and tests to pass. Endless freedom and more than responsiblity than any of us have ever had. In less than a month, every 60 hour work week will finally be worth it.

I'm looking forward to this weekend to be over. Toby lightman on thursday with keri, and mo! After the show, I'm going back to the 'burg and my dad is meeting me there the next so we can paint my room and the bathroom :) yay for finally buyin paint and my comforter...my room is gonna be hot so is the whole apartment

Things are absolutely amazing with my dad. He was nice enough to say he would buy be a new twin bed for my apartment and i was nice enough to convince him to buy a full, haha.

I miss my girls from school like crazy.
Can't wait to be back.

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